Before lighting your candle.....

  • Always make sure candles are lit in well-ventilated areas.
  • Candles should be safely placed out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Candles should be safely placed away from flammable objects.

Lighting your candle...

  • ​​​​​Make sure your wooden wick is trimmed to 1/8" - 3/16"....about the thickness of 2 nickels. Lighting wicks that are too long may result in a dangerously high flame and excess soot.
  • Light one end of your wick and allow it to travel across naturally.
  • The first time you light your candle, allow it to burn for at least 2 hours, or until it reaches a full melt pool.
  • Do not burn your candle longer than 4 hours.

Extinquishing your candle...

  • Use a snuffer to extinguish your candle.
  • Allow the wax to completely cool before touching or moving your candle.
  • In order to prepare for the next burn, hold the candle upside down and gently break off the burnt end of the wick. This will keep the wick trimmed properly and help to prevent any debris from settling in the wax.

Reusing your candle vessel...

Amber jars aren't just for candles! We hope that you will find creative ways to reuse your candle jars....and help save the planet in the process! To clean out your jar... 1. Heat your oven at it's lowest possible setting. 2. Place your candle jar on a tray in the oven until the remaining wax is melted. 3. DO NOT microwave your jars! 4. Carefully remove the jar from the oven and pour melted wax into the garbage. 5. Use a spoon or fork to pop out the wick, and wipe any remaining wax from the jar using a paper or cloth towel. 6. Wash your jar with soap and water, let dry, and voila! You're ready to reuse your jar!